The natural medicine system that treats the person not just the symptom: natural, safe (even for pregnant women and infants), non-toxic, free of harmful side-effects. and non-addictive


The talking therapy that gives you the space and time to sort out ideas and emotions, helping you face every day life


The Japanese techinque that relaxes and relieves stress, promoting healing

Sonic therapy

A gentle but powerful healing system using the qualities of sound vibration to bring balance and harmony to every level of our being


Emotional Freedom Technique is like acupunture without needles, that releases emotional blockages and disturbances

The best of health for you and the planet

Environmentally-sustainable healthcare tailored to suit you as an individual.

Drug-free therapies to promote your wellbeing.

Natural health care for anyone, anywhere

We are now offering consultations by video call (Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom) for those people unable to visit us. Please see our contact details to make an appointment with Lisa.

Other natural health modalities and therapies that we can offer are:

  • Flower essences
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Life Strategy
  • Massage

We understand that cash may be tight sometimes and we love the idea of being able to exchange services and goods. If you have a need for any of our therapies and can offer us a service or goods, we would be delighted to accept them in payment. Please get in touch to talk about this option.